Top 5 Jewellery for Teenagers

Top 5 Jewellery for Teenagers

The teenage years are an exciting time to explore personal style. Choosing the right accessories like jewellery can be a fun way for teens to express their individuality. When picking jewellery, teenagers often want pieces that are fashionable yet affordable.

We’ll recommend 5 top jewellery for teenagers pieces and styles that are currently popular with teens. 

We aim to provide diverse options to suit different tastes and budgets.

Top Jewellery for Teenagers

For each recommendation, we’ll overview the key features and benefits of the jewellery for teenagers, along with styling tips to help teens incorporate them into their wardrobes. 

Simple Gold and Silver Pieces

First up in our list of top jewellery for teens are simple gold and silver decorative pieces. These include delicate necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made from precious metals like gold, silver or rose gold. 

We recommend opting for minimalist styling without too many embellishments.

The great thing about basic gold and silver jewellery is their versatility. They can effortlessly elevate both casual and dressy looks. 

Their sheen adds a touch of subtle glam that suits teenage style. Opt for slim chains or huggie earrings to nod to modern and youthful trends.

When styling, let these metals be the focal point against plain clothing items. Avoid wearing too many pieces at once. Allow their delicate design to shine through as statement yet classy accessories. 

Gold and silver jewellery also make meaningful gifts for teens to treasure.

Trendy Chokers

Next on our list of popular jewellery for teenagers are chokers. In recent years, chokers have made a huge comeback in women’s fashion. Their 1990s vintage style remains a hot trend among teenagers today.

Trendy chokers for teenagers

Chokers are fitted necklaces that sit high up around the base of the neck. Modern variations often feature pendants, charms or velvet ribbons rather than traditional chains. 

Black leather or lace chokers also nod to rock and punk culture which teens find cool.

The great benefit of chokers is their versatility for both casual daily wear and glammed-up occasions. Durability and affordability are also plus points, especially for delicate velvet pieces under £15. 

Daintier styles suit those with slim necks while tattoo, lace or cuff designs better flatter fuller figures.

Chokers dress up basic t-shirts and jeans effortlessly while adding an edge. For events, layer up multiple chokers in varying materials like pearls, beads or metallics for extra glam. 

Chokers allow teens to experiment with personal style and quickly change up their look.

Dainty Anklets

Delicate ankle bracelets adorned with little charms are also hugely popular. These pretty and preppy “anklets” offer teens a trendy way to dip their toes into jewellery without overdoing it.

Dainty anklets for teenagers

Anklets have a romantic, boho vibe perfect for Spring and Summer. They add a subtle yet girly touch of sparkle peeping out beneath flared jeans, sundresses or shorts suits. 

Mixing metals like pairing silver with rose gold charms keeps the look modern.

Teens can customize anklets to reflect their hobbies like a ballerina charm for dancers or a shell charm for beach lovers. 

When layered together, three or more anklets each with different charms give off vacation vibes. 

For relaxation days, anklets also dress up casual pyjamas and slippers.

Anklets with adjustable leather ties rather than chain links provide the most comfort for active teens. 

Made well, they last through water, sweat and adventure at affordable prices under £25. Anklets allow teenage girls to dip into jewellery without complications so they’re a must-have!

Engraved Name Necklaces

Personalized necklaces engraved with a teen’s name, nickname or initials are also incredibly sentimental. The engraving feature makes them extra unique while the delicate chains remain an everyday wearable size.

Having a piece custom-designed just for them resonates with teens wanting to showcase their individuality. 

The meaningfulness of the personalization also makes these name necklaces well-loved keepsakes from family or friends.

For teens heading off to college soon, engraved name jewellery serves as a transitional memento to stay connected to loved ones back home.

For young teens, the customization reflects their newfound independence and personal growth into adulthood.

Script name necklaces and bracelets also look beautiful dressed up for events like homecoming, prom or graduation. Their delicate style complements both low-cut and higher-neckline formal wear. 

Tiny block or cursive lettering with silver or gold plating makes for timeless designs teens can cherish now and later in life.

Playful Beaded Bracelets

The last trend we recommend for fun teen jewellery is charming beaded bracelets that can be layered up. Glass pearl beads in pastel hues have a pretty, youthful appeal. Braided leather cords also suit teens wanting eco-friendly designs.

Durable bead bracelets made of wood, stones or acrylic easily mix and match with various outfits in a teen girl’s closet. Their colours and patterns lend playful pops when stacked together on wrists. Teens can also find characters or symbols on beads to showcase their personalities.

Beaded bracelets for teenagers

Compared to fine metals, glass beads strike the best balance of affordability while still looking put together. Average prices range from £5 to £15 per bracelet if locally handmade with quality supplies. DIY beaded bracelet kits are also perfect for crafty teens to create their signature arm candy.

For the most bang for your buck, bead bracelets effortlessly tie teen jewellery looks together in both casual laidback or dressed-up settings. Their versatility makes them a staple in youthful jewellery boxes for years to come.

Top Jewellery for Teenagers

And there you have our recommendations for the top pieces of jewellery for teenagers that combine both stylish looks and practicality. While personal tastes differ, gold or silver metals, chokers, anklets, name necklaces and chunky bracelets currently lead mainstream trends. 

Their diversity ensures all teen girls can discover pieces that feel comfortable and express their individuality. For youthful adornments they’ll wear, focus on adjustable, durable designs that translate from everyday life to special events.