Monoprice 110010 Hi-Fi Active Noise Canceling Headphone Review

Monoprice 110010 Hi-Fi Active Noise Canceling Headphone Review

If you’re in the market for a solid pair of affordable noise-cancelling headphones, look no further than the Monoprice 110010. Priced at an incredibly reasonable 79.99 GBP, the Monoprice 110010 punches well above its weight with excellent audio quality, comfortable ergonomics, and solid noise cancellation.

I’ve spent the past two weeks testing these affordable headphones in various scenarios – from noisy city streets to long-haul flights, to lounge listening sessions. While the headphones aren’t perfect, overall I was very impressed with what you get for the money.

The Monoprice 110010 provides a compelling value proposition for budget-conscious audio enthusiasts.

Comfort and Design

The Monoprice 110010 headphones boast a clean utilitarian aesthetic with angular lines and a matte black finish on the plastic components. The foldable design allows the earcups to rotate inward for easy storage and transport in the included zippered case.

In terms of comfort, the Monoprice headphones check all the right boxes thanks to thick protein leather and memory foam earpads. I never experienced any pinching or hot spots during multi-hour listening sessions.

The adjustable steel slider headband provides a wide range of sizing flexibility. And at 9.17 ounces, these lightweight headphones barely register when worn. With a decent amount of clamping force, the earcups provide a nice seal without being vice-like.

Overall, in terms of design and comfort, the Monoprice 110010 delivers in spades – especially considering the reasonable asking price.

Audio Performance and Noise Cancelation

So how do these budget noise-cancelling headphones sound? In a word – fantastic. The large 50mm drivers deliver clear audio with engaging dynamics and bass depth that belies the humble price tag.

I tested the headphones with lossless music files across various genres – including jazz, classical, rock and electronic. The sound signature provides pleasing warmth in the low end coupled with detailed and airy highs. Frankly, the sound quality rivals headphones costing two or three times as much.

The active noise cancellation also works remarkably well to mute ambient sounds, especially in the lower register. It won’t match premium ANC from Bose and Sony, but it’s perfectly adequate for everyday environments like offices, commutes, or air travel. According to Monoprice specs, the ANC provides 30dB of noise reduction – however, in real-world use, I found the effect to be less pronounced.

Some other noteworthy audio features include support for AAC and aptX codec Bluetooth connectivity, which helps optimize streaming from compatible mobile devices. Battery life clocks in at 30 hours per charge with ANC enabled – sufficient for prolonged listening sessions between charges.

Final Thoughts: Monoprice 110010 Hi-Fi Active Noise Canceling Headphone

For less than $100, you would be challenged to find a better set of active noise-cancelling headphones than the Monoprice 110010. The excellent audio fidelity, long battery life, and comfortable design add up to a compelling value-oriented package.

While more premium ANC models from Sony, Bose and others offer incremental improvements in sound and noise reduction, you have to ask yourself if those refinements warrant 2-3 times the investment. For many consumers – especially those listening in real-world noisy environments rather than audiophile listening rooms – the Monoprice 110010 gets you 95% of the way there for a fraction of the price.

So if you’re shopping for great sounding, comfortable noise cancelling headphones on a budget, put the Monoprice 110010 at the top of your list. Considering the quality and features, these just might be the best sub-$100 ANC headphones money can buy.