What is the 4 Colour Personality Test? Complete Guide

What is the 4 Colour Personality Test?

Personality tests are extremely important when developing a career for HR professionals. Have you ever taken one of those tests to determine your personality type before applying for a dream job? 

You may have been categorised as a certain colour — red, blue, green or yellow

This refers to the 4 Colour Personality Test, also known as the Four Colour Personality Test. It aims to classify individuals into one of four personality types that correspond to four colours.

In this complete guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the increasingly popular 4 colour test.

What is the 4 Colour Personality Test?

The 4 colour personality test, also referred to as the four-colour test or 4 colour personality analysis, categorizes individuals into one of four personality types denoted by four colours — red, blue, green and yellow. 

This colour personality model is used in businesses, for career development, leadership training, improving work culture, personal growth and more.

This online assessment for HR managers and coaches can provide insight into a person’s strengths, weaknesses, communication style, leadership abilities, and potential fit for a role or team. The simple questionnaire and rating system make it a popular tool with 96% accuracy.

The Origins of the 4 Different Personality Types

The four types defined in the 4 colour test originated from the work of Dr. Taylor Hartman, who published the book “The Color Code” in 1987. His colour model has its roots in the personality type theories of Carl Jung and disc behavioural analysis.

Hartman assigned colours to four common personality traits he observed:

  • Dominance (red)
  • Influence (yellow)
  • Steadiness (blue)
  • Conscientiousness (green)

The combination of the two facets of perception (how we see and absorb the world) and judgement (how we make decisions) is said to define one’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, and behaviours.

Over time, the four-colour personality analysis has been adapted into a popular and accessible online assessment for HR managers and coaches to use with teams today. Let’s look closer at each of the four personality colour types.

Red Personality Type Traits

Reds make up approximately 8% of the general population. phrases: results-driven, bold, demanding, determined, ambitious, strong-willed

On the 4 colour personality test, reds are categorized as action-oriented go-getters who thrive on challenge and responsibility. They are decisive, bold, determined leaders focused on results and reaching goals.

Reds are quick to take charge of situations and direct others to stay on track. As bosses, they can be quite demanding, but they foster a sense of urgency and push people to achieve their best. Their confident nature makes them natural motivators.

Blue Personality Type Traits

Blues make up roughly 18% of people. phrases: compassionate, reflective, diplomatic, loyal, predictable, tender-hearted.

On the four-colour test, blues are characterized as steady, patient introverts who avoid risk and prefer familiarity. They tend to be reliable, dependable, kind, and discerning.

While slower to warm up in social situations or embrace change, blues thrive when they can analyze situations logically before acting. They excel by leveraging their loyalty, sensitivity to others’ feelings, and ability to listen. These traits serve them well in diplomatic roles.

Green Personality Type Traits

Greens comprise about 23% of the population. phrases: inquisitive, conceptual, unconventional, curious, idea-oriented, knowledge-driven.

Those rated as green on the four-colour personality analysis are logical, visual thinkers motivated by growth and learning. Greens stand out as global-minded visionaries, adept at thinking outside the box and rising above the details to see the big picture.

While they don’t care as much about rules or humanitarian efforts, greens are idea generators who thrive when they have autonomy over projects and tasks. They bring optimism, imagination, and ingenuity to teams. Their strengths include problem-solving, systems analysis, and creating innovative solutions.

Yellow Personality Type Traits

Roughly 51% of people identify as yellows.

phrases: engaging, showmanship, dynamic, persuasive, warm, demonstrative.

On the 4 colour test, yellows are categorized as outgoing, fun-loving people persons. They are excellent communicators who build connections through optimism, enthusiasm, and charm.

These influencers thrive on connecting with new people and coming up with exciting ideas. They excel at networking, public speaking, and motivating others. As natural showmen, they turn tasks into entertaining adventures that unite teams.

While not detail-oriented planners, yellows are imaginative multitaskers who inject warmth, playfulness, and positivity into everything they do. Their zeal draws people magnetically.

Finding Success Based on 4 Colour Personality Types

A major benefit of the online assessment for HR managers is determining which roles and responsibilities allow someone to flourish based on natural strengths.

For example, positions of authority and work involving strategic decisions, risk analysis, and cutthroat negotiations tend to favour those with red traits. 

Technical and analytical jobs often appeal to greens. And roles centred on steady collaboration, patient service to others, or preserving tradition/quality lean toward blues. Yellow fits best in fast-paced work that allows creative freedom.

Beyond individually tailored career paths, the 4 colour test assists managers in structuring effective teams. Balancing different personality colour types helps produce well-rounded teams capable of superior collective performance.

5 Key Applications of the 4 Colour Personality Model

Let’s explore some popular ways businesses and professionals apply insights from this four-colour personality analysis:

  1. Leadership Development Gauging colour profiles of managers and high potentials guides tailored training. For instance, blues gain skills for decisive action while reds learn emotional intelligence.
  2. Team Building Combining colour types boosts well-rounded team capabilities. It also reduces workplace conflicts.
  3. Coaching Employees Customized coaching for professional growth and advancement builds on natural motivations and strengths of colour profiles.
  4. Sales Training The 4-colour model enhances sales through personality-targeted prospecting approaches, presentations, and customer service.
  5. Communication Enhancement Identifying how colours perceive information and express ideas improves communication, relationships and collaboration.

How to Take the 4 Colour Personality Test Free Online

Many free online quizzes help individuals quickly determine their primary colour type. These self-assessments contain roughly 25 mixed personality questions with options along a scale, usually from “never” to “always”.

Based on one’s responses and how they align with colour profiles, the tools calculate a score for each of the four personality types. The highest score indicates your predominant shade. Most also provide personalized descriptions of strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas.

Retaking the 4 colour personality test every few years helps assess personal development over time. Just beware that abbreviations with only 10-15 questions lack depth. So for optimal accuracy and context around your results, opt for more extensive assessments.

Getting the Most from Your Colour Profile

While the four-colour personality model sets a strong foundation for growth, critics argue that strictly assigning individuals to one colour type oversimplifies human complexity. People indeed display some attributes of all the profiles.

That’s why this system shines best when leveraged more flexibly; the goal is not to put anyone in a single “colour box” for life. Instead, treat it as a starting point for increasing self-awareness around personal tendencies and tailored development needs.

Consider your results less as immutable traits and more as a personalized roadmap toward reaching your highest potential. The insights apply broadly across all domains of life, not just in your career.

Wrapping Up

The widely accessible 4-colour personality test helps people grasp their hardwired inclinations, natural strengths and areas for improvement. These colour profiles empower personalized success strategies.

This simple four-quadrant model will likely continue growing in popularity thanks to its versatility and practicality for business applications, training programs, career counselling, team coordination, leadership education and beyond. 

Its ability to foster an understanding of diverse perspectives makes this online assessment for HR managers and coaches a mainstay for enabling individuals and groups to excel.