Top 20 Tricks from Handyman

Top 20 Tricks from Handyman

None of us likes to see that our iron is on fire or that extension cables are trailing all over the house. We all get annoyed by these little glitches, but we try to ignore them until we have to deal with them. 

Then we usually call the Handyman London in a panic, and breakdowns rarely come alone, so they usually call the company as well.

If you want to avoid such unpleasant scenes and deal with small household tasks yourself on time, the famous Southwark Handyman gives you 20 ingenious tricks that will help you with that.

Thread instead of screws

A screw fell out of the handle of your glasses? Put the handle back in the seat on the frame and take the dental floss, thread it through the holes where the screw was, tie two knots and remove the excess floss.

Cut graphite pencils automatically

Insert the pencil into the drill, where the drill usually sits, and place the cutter in the vice. Place the pencil in the cutter turn on the drill, and cut the pencil in no time.

Stabilize the screw when drilling

You’re good with the drill, but the screw you’re trying to put in the wall just doesn’t fit properly and keeps falling out. Believe it or not, all you have to do is dip it in soap. After you remove it from the soap, the screw will stand perfectly still and will not wobble.

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Fill the holes in the wall

You took a nail out of the wall and it left an ugly hole. If you don’t want to mix the plaster, just take dry soap in the colour of the wall and run it over the hole. Soap shavings will plug the hole. In the video below you can see how to solve this problem.

Clean the iron easily

If the bottom of your iron is dirty, don’t worry. Put baking paper on the ironing board and sprinkle salt on it. With a cold and switched-off iron, go over the salt, which will scrape off all the remaining dirt.

Cotton wool against duct tape

Are you terrified of boxes that make you have to reach for scissors or a knife every time to cut the tape? 

Although you might never think of it, use the wool and put it right in the gap, right where the box closes, by leaving a bit of the wool outside the box on each side. 

Then, stick a sticky tape over it to make sure that no dust will fall on the contents of the box. It might seem like a lot of work, but your life will be a lot easier when you can open your boxes by simply pulling the handle upwards.

Sharpen knives easily

If your knife sticks out and you don’t have a sharpener handy, take a ceramic coffee mug, turn it upside down, wet the edges at the bottom of the mug, and run the knife over them a couple of times until the blade sharpens.

Protect the brush with a glove

You’ve been painting woodwork and want to continue later, but want to keep your brush dry? Remove the glove you used during painting over the brush and leave it inside the glove. The next time you take it, whether it’s after half an hour or 5 hours, the colour won’t set on the hair.

Envelope against clutter

Prevent mess and dust when drilling holes in the wall by making a paper envelope under the hole and taping it with electrical tape under the place you are drilling. All the lime and mortar will fall into the envelope, and you will not have to vacuum.

Chewing gum like a doorman magnet

Annoyed by sink doors that slam and never close all the way? Use a piece of chewing gum to make a ball out of it and stick it to the corner where the door should fit. The chewing gum will act like a magnet for the doorknob, which will remain closed in the future.

Use the pencil for the lock

Does your lock keep refusing to unlock? Most likely, the key can’t go into it nicely. Simply take an ordinary wooden pencil and “trace” with it several times where the key should go. You won’t believe it, but the next time you try to unlock it, you will succeed on the first try.

Tie the cables into a knot

You just sat down at the table to work on the computer, and the cable was pulled out of the socket. Also, you don’t remember the last time you vacuumed without the cord falling out of the extension cord socket. Use the cords to tie these two cables into a knot. Check out some of these helpful tips in the video below.

For a screwdriver that stays in place

Is the screwdriver slipping off the screw or not the right size? Place a dowel between them and you’ll do the job easily.

French lock key

You went to the cabinet in the pantry and remembered that you had no idea where your key was. You come across a padlock and are already thinking about which locksmith to call. All that is required is to take two French keys and pull both keys outwards at the same time on the padlock itself. You will indeed damage the padlock, but you will also unlock it.

Pull out the shoelaces effortlessly

Do you want to open the cable tie? Just slide the tweezers under the tab at the entrance and pull out the end of the tie.

Magnet and nails

You went to nail something and the nails scattered everywhere. Besides, you have to bend over and take it one at a time. If you have a small magnet, put it in the pocket of your shirt, T-shirt or pants. He will keep all the nails in your pocket.

Rescue for the remote

Your remote doesn’t work because one battery died and you hate to go buy another one? Just put a screw of the same size in place of the empty battery.

French key coin

You started to unscrew the screw with a spanner, but it is too small for the spanner, and you don’t have a smaller one. Use the metal coin that you will plant next to the screw. Now it’s the perfect width for a key. The video below will show you this and many other useful tricks.

Install the laminate as a joke

Can’t wedge a piece of laminate because it slides? Stick the double-sided adhesive tape on that board, then stick a thicker piece of wood on the other sticky side, which you will tap with a hammer to make the laminate move and fit. When you’re done, just peel off the tape and support wood.

Plastic container for plugs

Are you constantly tripping over extension cord plugs around the house? It’s even worse when they stay outside because you run the risk of something happening to them when it rains. 

If you have several cables that are included in the extension, you can easily protect them with the help of a small plastic box with a lid. 

Cut holes one centimetre in diameter on both sides, as needed for the cable to pass through. The cables will pass on both sides, and the place where the plugs connect will remain in a box that you can close.