Ritus Jewelry: Contemporary Chunky Art and Design Brand from Montenegro

Ritus Jewelry: Contemporary Chunky Art and Design Brand from Montenegro

Bold, eye-catching accessories with an artistic edge – that’s what Ritus Jewelry is all about. As a contemporary chunky silver jewelry brand based in Montenegro, Ritus creates statement pieces that are only possible to pay attention to. In recent years, chunky jewelry has seen a major resurgence in the fashion world. Ritus leans into this trend with its uniquely styled chunky silver bracelets, necklaces, rings and more.

Fusing inspiration from the natural world with an abstract artistic sensibility, Ritus makes jewelry that makes a statement. Keep reading to learn more about this eclectic and creative jewelry brand shaking up the fashion scene.

The Origins of Ritus Jewelry

Ritus was founded in 2015 by jewelry designer and architect Ivan Orlandic in Montenegro. Growing up in Montenegro and studying in Slovenia, Ivan was always drawn to art, nature and jewelry. After studying at architecture in Slovenia, he began designing and creating her jewelry pieces. Ivan brought a unique artistic perspective and unconventional style to the jewelry world with Ritus.

Ritus Jewelry: Contemporary Chunky Jewelry

After gaining some initial success selling at local boutiques and art shows in Montenegro, Ritus jewelry quickly garnered attention from the press and buyers. The brand has expanded significantly since its early beginnings in Montenegro. Let’s explore more about what makes this artful jewelry line from Montenegro stand out.

Blurring the Line Between Jewelry and Art

At Ritus Jewelry, the pieces are not just accessories but wearable works of art. Ivan brings an avant-garde point of view to her jewelry designs, incorporating natural textures and abstract shapes. “I approach jewelry from a fine arts perspective,” she has said. “I think of my pieces as miniature sculptures.”

The designs reveal Ivan’s background in painting and sculpture. Unique castings of natural items like sand dollars, nautilus shells, deer antlers and snake vertebrae found in Montenegro are transformed into chunky silver pendants and cuffs. The raw, organic shapes meet sleek sterling silver in bold combinations that are strikingly modern yet retain an earthy, bohemian vibe.

Ritus jewelry attracts those who appreciate the unexpected and want statement accessories reflecting an artistic spirit. The sculptural, substantial feel of Ritus chunky silver bracelets and necklaces makes them almost as much art objects as accessories.

Playing with Shape, Scale and Texture

A key part of the Ritus aesthetic from Montenegro is playing with shape, scale and texture…

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