Tide bank referral code guide

Tide bank referral code guide

Managing business finances can be tedious for solopreneurs and small companies. From tracking expenses to seamlessly accepting client payments, it takes up precious time and effort.

Juggling banking, accounting, and invoicing across different apps is inefficient. Yet switching to traditional banks with high monthly fees but limited digital features doesn’t help much either. 

That’s where Tide comes in. This UK startup offers a free modern business banking account with integrated financial tools tailored for small business owners, freelancers and contractors. And thanks to their lucrative referral program, both existing as well as new Tide members can earn up to £75 in bonus cash rewards.

This guide serves as a guide for understanding what the Tide referral code is, how to obtain it as an existing Tide member, and all the steps new users must take to activate the referral offer for maximum savings.

What is Tide Bank?

Tide is a UK-based digital banking service designed specifically for small businesses, startups, contractors and freelancers. Like most financial platforms today, Tide offers a referral program that rewards both existing customers and new signups when the latter uses the Tide referral code while opening an account.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, Tide claims to be the UK’s leading business banking platform – with over 350,000 members to date. It offers a host of basic banking facilities like multi-user access, automated accounting, integrated invoicing, and real-time spending notifications tailored to solopreneurs.

Unlike traditional banks, Tide does not charge hefty monthly fees or require a minimum account balance. New users get access to a free UK banking account and Mastercard card. Additional perks include 1% cashback on eligible debit card expenses. Tide also offers small unsecured business loans at relatively low interest rates starting from just 3.9% APR.

Understanding Referral Codes

In essence, a referral code allows existing satisfied customers to share special promo codes with friends, family, and peers so that they also sign up for the product or service to earn exclusive discounts and cash bonuses. It incentivizes referrals to acquire new customers.

The referrer (existing customer) can earn £75 for every signup using their Tide referral code. The referee who opens a new account gets a £75 bonus upon completing the eligibility criteria within 45 days. So it’s a win-win for both parties.

How to Get a Tide Bank Referral Code

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Login to your Tide account online
  2. Under ‘Settings’, click on ‘Refer your friends’
  3. Copy the unique 9-digit alphanumeric referral code – for example, REFER75. This will be linked to your account.
  4. Share this code with potential new Tide members.

How to Use a Tide Bank Referral Code

As the referee, you need to input the Tide promo code (provided by an existing member) under ‘Rewards’ while filling out the online application form for opening a new Tide account. Finish the account activation process within 45 days.

To receive the £75 referral cash bonus, new members must fund the account and complete 5 transactions within 45 days using the Tide debit card (ATM withdrawals do not count). Rewards are credited about 8 weeks post-qualifying.

Tips and Best Practices

Check for any limited-period promotional offers that may increase referral amounts beyond £75. For instance, rewards can go up by 50% during busy periods or popular campaigns. Time your referral accordingly.

As the referrer, ensure you communicate the 45-day transaction eligibility criteria, provide the correct custom code, and double-check the spelling to prevent errors costing rewards. As the referee, save the code properly and enter it accurately while signing up.

Final Thoughts

The Tide bank referral program offers existing account holders and new users a chance to earn £75 each in bonus cash rewards. By sharing and entering a unique 9-digit referral code respectively, both parties can benefit from this win-win arrangement.

Ready to unlock up to £150 in referral bonuses? Obtain your custom Tide promo code today and share it with eligible business contacts looking to open a Tide bank account this month.