Cairo Airport Taxi Guide, Information And Tips

Cairo Airport Taxi Guide, Information And Tips

Getting around Cairo by taxi can be challenging for visitors. This guide gives key tips and information to help travellers take taxis safely and have positive experiences.

Cairo Taxi General Information and Tips

Whether you’re arriving in Cairo for business or pleasure, navigating the busy streets and figuring out transportation can be daunting for first-time visitors. Using Cairo taxi airport is often the most convenient and affordable way to get around.

Taxis in Cairo

Cairo is known for its booming, chaotic traffic with a diverse mix of vehicles crowding the streets. Among these are the iconic white Cairo taxi cabs zipping through the organized chaos. Over 150,000 registered taxis provide transportation across Greater Cairo. The majority are white with black Hoods, while some private taxi companies use their colours and logos.

Taxis are widely available for picking up passengers from the street, hotels, subway stations, bus terminals and of course, the Cairo International Airport. With no working meters, fares are agreed upon before setting off, so be prepared to negotiate! Generally speaking, Cairo taxi drivers are familiar with the main attractions and neighbourhoods, but it’s wise to have the exact address of your destination handy.

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxi pricing in Cairo varies dramatically based on the time of day, route, and type of taxi you take. There’s no standard taxi fare rate, so negotiating a price before getting into the cab is essential. Short journeys during non-peak daytime hours typically cost between EGP 10-25. A longer trip across the city may cost 50 GBP.

Cost of a Cairo Taxi

The cost of Cairo taxis depends on several factors:

  • Trip duration & distance – Prices increase for longer journeys
  • Time of day – Nighttime taxi rates (after 8 pm) are about 20% higher
  • Route & traffic – Some routes have more congested roads that take more time
  • Type/quality of taxi – Higher-end taxis cost more than regular white cabs
  • Number of bags – Extra luggage usually costs a few more pounds

When negotiating taxi rates in Cairo, keep a polite yet firm demeanour, confirm there’s working air conditioning, and don’t be afraid to walk away from an excessively high quote. With taxis so readily available, another one will come along in no time.

How to get a Taxi in Cairo

Hailing a taxi from the street curb is common in Cairo, but heading to designated taxi stands and pickup points increases the chances of finding a quality cab. Hotels can easily call a trusted taxi or arrange a private car. Downloading local ride-hailing apps like Uber or Careem is handy for secure payment options and fair prices.

If possible, have your destination name/address printed for convenience. Be aware that many drivers in Cairo do not read maps, nor speak English fluently. Having a smartphone with data and Google Maps at your fingertips is extremely useful for navigating the city by taxi.

When arriving at Cairo International Airport, licensed airport taxi services with posted rates can whisk you away quickly. But local cab drivers also wait outside terminals and transport passengers to the city for negotiable (often lower) fares.

Benefits of Booking a Cairo Transfer in Advance

While sorting out transportation upon arrival in Cairo is manageable, booking an airport taxi transfer in advance through a reputable company provides value, reliability and peace of mind after a long flight. Benefits include:

  • Fixed pricing: Pre-booked transfers have set rates, avoiding fare negotiations and potential overcharging from local cab drivers.
  • Efficient airport experience: Your driver will meet you inside the terminal with a sign, swiftly guide you to the vehicle and commence your journey.
  • High-quality vehicles: Transfer companies maintain their fleet well, with amenities like wifi and charging ports.
  • Local expertise: Professional drivers are very familiar with the quickest routes between the airport and city destinations.
  • Great for groups: Airport taxis accommodate solo travellers to large families and groups seamlessly.

Reputable transport booking companies have online systems for reservations made months to 24 hours in advance. Simply select your airport arrival time, destination neighbourhood, and vehicle seating capacity. Then breeze through the Cairo airport knowing your airport taxi to the city or Giza is sorted!

Cairo Taxi Tips

Follow these top tips for positive taxi experiences in Cairo:

  • Negotiate the fare before getting in. Don’t be shy to walk away from unreasonable quotes.
  • Sit in the backseat for safety, especially solo female travellers.
  • Have small bills and changes ready for payment to avoid complications.
  • Ask the driver to turn on the meter, and air con and adjust the radio volume.
  • Be very clear on the destination details, better if you have it written in Arabic.
  • If possible take an Uber, Careem or a taxi called by your hotel instead of hailing one.
  • Keep doors locked when sitting in traffic or stopping at lights per local advice.
  • Stay alert on the agreed fare and route. Use GPS to follow along if unsure.
  • Maintain a firm but polite manner with drivers at all times.
  • Tip is not necessary but rounding up the fare is appreciated.

Safety and Complaints for Cairo Taxis

Like any big, crowded city taxi system, it pays to keep your wits about you in Cairo. Always gauge the driver and vehicle’s condition before entering a cab. If you feel unsafe at any point during the ride, firmly ask the driver to stop and let you out in a busy, public area. Snapping a photo of the taxi ID number is useful for complaints.

While most Cairo taxi drivers are safe, reasonable and earn an honest living, overcharging tourists does unfortunately occur. Firmly refusing to overpay often works. If asked for ridiculous fares, quickly exit the taxi then report issues to Tourist Police or the official taxi complaint hotline – 19288.


What is the taxi price for a trip from Cairo airport to the city?

Expect to pay between 20-25 GBP for a regular Cairo airport taxi to downtown, depending on the exact destination. Fixed-rate transfers pre-booked through transport agencies generally cost around 50 GBP. Always confirm prices with your driver before departing the airport.

What is the taxi price for a trip from Cairo airport to Giza?

The standard rate for a regular white taxi from Cairo Airport to Giza/the Pyramids area is approximately 25 GBP.