What Do Pre-Workouts Actually Do?

What Do Pre-Workouts Actually Do?

Pre-workout supplements have become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts seeking extra energy and performance in the gym. 

Containing key ingredients like caffeine, creatine, and beta-alanine, these supplements aim to increase your strength, endurance, focus, and workout capacity when taken before training. But how exactly do they provide an ergogenic edge?

What is a workout?

Pre-workout supplements, commonly referred to simply as “pre-workouts”, are formulated to help boost energy, focus, strength, and endurance in the gym. 

As the name suggests, they are designed to be taken 30-45 minutes before your training session. The best pre-workouts UK and worldwide contain ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, citrulline, and creatine to achieve the desired physical and mental effects.

With people striving to meet fitness goals or prepare for races and competitions, quality pre-workouts can give that extra push when the motivation is lacking. 

Whether you want to lift more weight, sprint faster, or exercise longer, these supplements might be just what you need to take your training to the next level when diet and lifestyle changes alone are not sufficient.

Pre Workout Benefits

There are several science-backed benefits that the right pre-workout can provide, including:

Increased Energy & Reduced Fatigue

Thanks to stimulants like caffeine, pre-workouts give you more sustainable energy so you can exercise harder and longer without tiring as quickly. For instance, a 2013 study found subjects had 11.2% increased exercise capacity.

Greater Strength & Power

Ingredients like beta-alanine and creatine directly target increased muscle strength and power output, helping you push more weight with fewer reps. One study saw a 4.3% increase in bench press working capacity.

Improved Focus & Motivation

With heightened mental alertness and concentration from nootropics like tyrosine, workouts feel more rewarding and productive with pre-workout supplements. You’ll be dialled in and determined to push your limits.

Enhanced Muscle Pumps

By boosting nitric oxide levels, citrulline and similar ingredients will enhance muscle pumps for a fuller, swole look that many pre-workout users love when lifting weights or bodybuilding. The results speak through the mirror!

What do pre-workouts do?

Quality pre-workouts with research-backed formulations provide both physical and mental support for heightened gym performance. Expect to do more reps with heavier weights, sprint faster and farther, exercise longer without premature exhaustion, and feel super focused and motivated from start to finish.

With increased energy production, strength, stamina, and reduced muscle breakdown, pre-workouts essentially help take your fitness potential up a notch. Just be sure not to become reliant on them and use them strategically based on the unique benefits certain products offer. 

Track progress so you can achieve goals WITHOUT pre-workout over time.

How many pre-workouts can I take a day?

It is generally recommended that you use only ONE serving of pre-workout per day. While some products suggest two servings are fine, taking pre-workout twice in 24 hours or using multiple products simultaneously can certainly increase your risk of unwanted side effects.

This is due to the stimulant content. Most pre-workouts contain 150-350mg of caffeine per serving along with other energizing compounds. Consuming excessive stimulants can overtax your central nervous system and cardiovascular function, interrupting sleep cycles and more.

To maximize benefits while minimizing health risks, limit pre-workout intake to a single serving on training days, adjust down if sensitive to stimulants, and cycle off use periodically. Also sufficiently hydrate before, during and after workouts, especially when using these supplements.

How long do pre-workouts last?

On average, the effects of most pre-workout supplements tend to last between 1-3 hours from the time you take it pre-training. However, there is variability based on the formula, your sensitivity to ingredients, and other factors.

For example, nitric oxide boosters may enhance muscle pumps for 1-2 hours, citrulline can support endurance for at least an hour, and caffeine’s energy and focus enhancement may start fading after 2-3 hours. The more stimulants in the blend, the shorter-lasting the overall effects tend to be.

To sustain pre-workout results as long as reasonably possible, be sure to take it 30-45 minutes before hitting the weights on an empty or nearly empty stomach. This helps with optimal nutrient absorption. Also, stay well hydrated during and after training to combat crashes.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, quality pre-workout supplements can take your training, athletic performance and physique to the next level when used properly. The best pre-workouts UK on the market combine research-backed ingredients that enhance strength, energy, pumps, endurance and mental drive.

While everyday gym-goers can benefit before lifting or HIIT training, the ergogenic effects also aid runners, cyclists, boxers, cross-fitters and anyone wanting to maximize their potential. Just be responsible with intake, tailor serving size to sensitivity, stay hydrated, and leverage these products strategically – not daily.

With a quality pre-workout matched to your fitness goals along with consistent, challenging workouts and a healthy overall lifestyle, you’ll surely notice both physical and mental benefits during training as well as superior results long-term.